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Urjashil is typically Nepali word which means energetic. It proudly announce Urjashil as Nepali online news portal for awareness of people regarding political, educational, health and various fields of news, view and interviews. It has a group of team from Kathmandu, Nepal as reporters, management, marketing and support.

It stands as the national and international news broadcasting website. It globally publishes as one of the best news site of Nepal. It works for the welfare of Nepal and Nepalese people living inside and outside the boundary. It listens all the hearts of all mankind and response each voices.

It contains the information about the nationality issues and concurrent situation of Nepal. The language used in this website is Nepali which is the national language and mother tongue of almost Nepalese people. The present situation of Nepal is almost revolving around the political stability.

Urjashil welcomes all digital friends to see its posts and share around your circles.

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